Recipe: Garlic white wine boiled green mouth

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic white wine boiled green mouth


This dish is made according to the teaching video of the anthropologist Zhuang Zuyi in the kitchen. Very good taste Husband and his friends who rarely eat Qingkou feel very good. And that juice is good for bibimbap. Become a must-have for our family banquet



  1. Garlic chopped, red onion diced, green mouth washed, unplugged

  2. Heat the pan, pour the olive oil, add the minced garlic and onion diced with the oil

  3. Pour the white wine into the boil, then add the green mouth, add the green mouth, sprinkle with the vanilla, cover the lid

  4. Wait until the mouth of the green mouth is slightly open, open the lid, add a little bit of butter.

  5. When the butter is melted into the broth, when the broth is boiled again, grind the coarser granules of pepper and serve.


I tried this dish several times. If I didn't put onions, the soup would not be sweet enough. Without the butter, the soup would be slightly lighter, without the thick feeling. If there is no butter and like light, You don't need to add butter, but onions I think are very important. When Zhuang Zuyi was doing it, he added tomato. I also tried adding tomato. Because the white wine itself is slightly sour, I feel that it is sour, and the tomato can be tasted according to personal taste. Vanilla can be added to your liking according to your personal preference. I use dried vanilla. If there is fresh vanilla, you can add it before the lid and butter, because the fresh vanilla is more prone to flavor. Black pepper must be broken, and the taste of the powder is not broken. The amount of wine can be enough. If it is too much, the taste of Qingkou will not be obvious enough, and the meat quality will be sour. This dish does not need to put salt, because the mouth of the mouth itself has the salty taste of sea water.

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