Recipe: Garlic toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic toast


I actually want to solve the morning toast and thick toast head... In this way, the garlic smell will not be particularly large, but the effect can be achieved. High Tea makes a cup of black tea, clears the smell of oil, and is full of desire. In addition to the endless taste of cutting garlic, there is no shortcoming! Advanced version! (There are secret weapons!) Garlic baguette! Please do not hesitate to poke → tips to see the bottom ↓



  1. The garlic cloves are cut into minced garlic, and the butter is placed in a microwave oven for 40 seconds.

  2. Toast change knife

  3. Bake the pad of tin foil, evenly apply 1 liquid to the toast surface, and fast password on the baking tray

  4. Sprinkle a layer of freshly ground black pepper on your own preference, sprinkle some salt, and then add a layer of basil.

  5. Throw into the oven for 5min (surface color & toast crispy)


Everyone is concerned about the temperature of the oven, I want to say that my mini oven does not have a temperature setting, only time... so basically the toast is around 150°, then you can adjust it according to your own oven temper~1. Toast size As you like, big chunks, you need to bake for a little longer, the surface is more garlic, it is more refreshing, it is also on the upper phase; small block, appropriate time reduction. 2. Basil can be replaced with a fragrant incense, like 啥 啥. 3. Don't forget the heavy taste. Salt 哟~

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