Recipe: Garlic sticks

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic sticks



  1. Cucumber cut into thick fingers

  2. Spread half of the cucumber strips in a container, sprinkle with a thin layer of coarse salt, then spread the remaining melons on top, sprinkle with coarse salt, then take a container of the same size, fill it with water, press it on Melon top

  3. Marinated melon strips, pour out the pickled juice, do not taste, taste the saltiness of the melons, if the saltiness of the melons is just right, squeeze the melons into the water, put them in a clean and waterless container

  4. Cut the garlic into a thin skin, cut the millet pepper into seeds and cut into seeds.

  5. Place the minced garlic and capsicum on the melon strips. Heat an appropriate amount of oil and pour over the minced garlic and pepper. Mix the melon and minced garlic.

  6. Sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds and mix well.


1. It is best to have melon skin on each strip, so that the taste is crisp enough. If the cucumber is thicker, you can use only the melon and some melon. The extra melon can be eaten directly. 2. Pressing a heavy object on the melon strip can push out the moisture in the melon strip, which is the key to the crispness of the melon. 3. If the melon is too salty, soak the melon with water for a while, then remove the melon to squeeze out the water. 4. If you can't eat spicy, you can change the millet pepper into a common red pepper. If there is no red pepper in the house, and you can't eat spicy food, you can not put the pepper, just use the minced garlic. Here, the red pepper is mainly used to make the color of the melon bar better. If it is not placed, it does not affect the taste of the melon.

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