Recipe: Garlic stew casserole

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic stew casserole


Garlic stew casserole When I think about cooking at the beginning, beef tendons are one of the dishes I dare not try. I always feel that it is difficult to do it well.



  1. The tendon is washed and drained, cut into small pieces, cut into garlic, and sliced ​​with ginger.

  2. Feed the beef tendon into the pot and pick up the drained water. The water can be picked up and the water must be drained.

  3. Put a proper amount of oil in the wok and add the ginger to the incense.

  4. Put the beef tendon slightly stir fry, put the wine, soy sauce. (The old color is not good, it is good to release the raw), put salt, sugar, add water, boil

  5. Stew in a casserole, first simmer for 15 minutes, turn off the heat, simmer for 20 minutes, then boil until you like the cooked degree. Sprinkle the garlic and continue to cover the lid for 2-3 minutes.


1, cut beef tendon is a force and technology live, I can't get it, so let the staff of the farm or supermarket help ~~ 2, the most important thing about this dish is that the beef tendon is kept in the casserole for 20 minutes. With the heat preservation of the casserole, not only can the gas be saved, so the stewed dish will be more savory. 3, because it is necessary to put garlic, so soy sauce is better to use soy sauce, the color will be better.

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