Recipe: Garlic squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic squid



  1. After the squid goes to the visceral wash, it cuts into a segment of about two fingers wide. Peel off the garlic cloves and cut the onion into the same wide section. Put about 3 tablespoons of oil in the pot. After the heat, put down the ginger and garlic cloves and fry until the surface is yellowish.

  2. Pour the squid section and stir fry until the surface is slightly white. Pour in the rice wine and immediately cover it for a few seconds to allow the wine to evaporate in the pot.

  3. After opening the lid, add soy sauce, sugar, and shallots and stir fry evenly. Pour hot water into the pot 1/3 of the raw material, cover the medium fire for about 10 minutes, at this time the soup has been collected to a semi-dry thick, thickened with salt and pepper, turn off the sesame oil after the fire is turned off.


1. After thinking about doing a good job, you can give a few mouthfuls to the Asian and Asian small basin friends, so there is no spicy. If the taste is heavy, put 1 scoop of Pixian Douban when frying garlic, which is more intense. It's better not to put salt or put less.

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