Recipe: Garlic squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic squid



  1. After the squid is washed, pickle the wine on both sides.

  2. Garlic chopped and chopped, spare, like to eat garlic, can put more garlic

  3. Prepare a spoon, put in olive oil, heat the oil

  4. Then directly put the hot oil on the garlic. This step is the key step of the garlic squid. The garlic is not directly spread on the squid but steamed with hot oil and then steamed on the squid. The special fragrance of the garlic treated in this way

  5. After the water boils, put the squid in the pot and steam for 8 minutes, and put some onions on the squid.

  6. Heat the steamed fish oyster sauce and pour it directly on the fish.


No salt is added, because the taste of steamed fish oil is already savory enough.

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