Recipe: Garlic squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic squid


Speaking of the characteristics of Qingdao's diet, I think that the squid N is definitely a kind of smoked squid prepared by the elderly when the Chinese New Year is over. The squid dumplings that are packaged together at the time of gathering are more convenient and more common. ~ Many ways of burning squid should have a frying step to prevent the fish from being scattered during firing. In fact, it can be done without oil beforehand, and it is more healthy. Fresh fish is soft and tender, only one main thorn in the middle. You can rest assured that the garlic moss that has been chewed like meat is absorbed by the smell of fish, and it is very delicious when cooked for a long time.



  1. Remove the viscera from the squid, cut it into 3cm pieces, and use the kitchen paper to absorb moisture.

  2. Wash the garlic and cut into 5cm segments

  3. Onion, ginger, garlic slices spare

  4. Hot oil in the pot, add onion ginger and garlic, sauté, add a little fish to the fish, add water and no fish

  5. Add pepper, star anise, cooking wine, a little bit of flavor

  6. Add a little salt and sugar to taste [a small amount of added, the taste is not enough to make up]

  7. The fire is boiled and turned to a small fire for about half an hour.

  8. Add the garlic moss ten minutes before the pan, and cook until the soup is thick and basically dry. Try the taste, adjust it slightly, and cook the pan [you can leave more soup to mix the rice! ! 】


1. Choose fresh squid to burn the best. 2. Pepper octagonal. These are all simmering. Don't omit 3. Burned garlic is too good. Don't omit 4. Soup more to stay with bibimbap!

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