Recipe: Garlic sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic sprouts



  1. The clam meat is marinated with a little bit of cooking wine; the garlic is cut into pieces and thrown into boiling water for several tens of seconds. After the break, remove and drain (smell the smell of garlic seedlings)

  2. Put the oil in the wok and heat it.

  3. Pour the cockroach into the fire and stir fry, wait until you are just cooked. (This product is super fast, according to the amount is slightly different, I am so much less than 1 minute in the picture), then pour the garlic, just fry twice Put in salt, sugar, chicken, pepper and stir well


I only buy frozen clams here, so if you buy fresh shells, the pre-treatment method may be different from me here~ Dried chilies are less cooked than usual, because the garlic itself is spicy.

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