Recipe: Garlic spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic spinach


The same dish is different in leaf shape and growth in different provinces. The hollow vegetables on our side were so long that the stalks and the leaves were eaten together for a short time, so they were used by the family to separate the leaves and the stalks. Look, this is not a more dish, garlic hollow stalks! Haha ^_^



  1. The leaves of the spinach are washed and drained, and the garlic cloves are cut into foam;

  2. Heat the oil in the hot pot, the oil is a little more, the garlic is scented, and the stir-fry is quickly placed in the spinach;

  3. After the leaves are basically cooked, sprinkle with salt and stir-fry.


After many trials, I learned that if the oil is a little bigger, this dish will be delicious.

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