Recipe: Garlic soy sauce braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic soy sauce braised pork


Today, I will bring you a super simple and straight meat dish. It is simple and horrible. The novice kitchen is also very easy to handle. There is no soot in the whole process. The operation time is only 5 minutes. Of course, the cooking time is different. I don't eat braised pork for 10 minutes. This garlic soy sauce braised pork is actually an upgraded version of the soy sauce braised pork. Its practice is less than that of braised pork. It is simpler than pork roast, but it has both the aroma of braised pork and the sweetness of pork roast. This time it adds a rich flavor of garlic, and its taste guarantees even the most discerning hackers. Will be completely conquered.



  1. Wash the plum meat into the pot, add all the ingredients, boil and simmer for about 1 hour, simmer in the middle, and finally open the lid to collect the juice.


1, the best choice of plum head meat, marbled meat in the lean meat sandwiches, the taste is particularly good. 2, the soup can be about half of the meat, and turn over two or three times when cooking. 3. Soy sauce and sugar are adjusted according to your taste. 4, garlic to add more, only 4 in the pot, I later added 6 tablets. 5, I used a cast iron pot for about 1 hour, if you use a regular pot to extend the cooking time.

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