Recipe: Garlic seared shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic seared shrimp


The efficacy of sea shrimp: kidney and impotence, appetizing and phlegm. [Performance] Sweet, salty, and slightly warm. Can make kidney and impotence, under the milk, benefit the spleen and stomach. Not a traditional sizzling taste, the practice is easy, the success rate is 99%!



  1. Sea shrimp open to the line;

  2. Tune the sauce: 2 tables of soy sauce 4-5 pieces of rock sugar 1 spoon of honey a little salt; do not add water!

  3. The shrimps are fried and cooked, and the shells can be golden. You can put them into the seasoning juice directly without the pan. The shrimps are very cooked. After the fire is turned on, turn the fire to a small fire. Stir fry and wrap the juice;

  4. When you are out of the pan, squirt a spoonful of liqueur, add white pepper, and sesame seeds, and stir it quickly!


How to choose sea shrimp: 1. Identification of wild sea prawn and cultured sea prawn: When wild shrimp and farmed shrimp are of the same size and the same freshness, the price varies greatly. Some illegal traders often use wild shrimps to pretend to be wild sea shrimps. In fact, there is a big difference in the appearance of these two. If you look carefully, you will not buy the wrong ones: the sea bream has a long whisky, while the wild sea prawn must be short. The head of the shrimp is "shrimp clam" long, with sharp teeth and soft texture. The wild shrimp head is short, blunt, and hard. 2. How to choose the sea shrimp should first pay attention to whether the shrimp shell is stiff and shiny, and whether the shrimp head and the shell body are closely attached to the shrimp body, which is hard and strong, and has no peeling. Fresh shrimps are normal in color and smell; in addition, attention should be paid to the tightness and elasticity of the meat of the shrimp; the shell of the inferior shrimp is dull, the shell is black, the body color becomes red, and the shell and the shrimp body Separation; the shrimp tissue is soft and has an ammonia odor; the headed shrimp has its chest and abdomen disengaged, and the head and carapace become red and black. 3. Body color of farmed shrimp: affected by the bottom quality of the farm, the body surface is blue-black, and the pigment spots are clearly visible.

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