Recipe: Garlic scallops, steamed loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic scallops, steamed loofah


I used to make loofah, I took it out, stuffed it into the shrimp, and steamed it! Occasionally, the discovery of loofah is a simple way to make a super delicious taste. Of course, the premise is that it is served with garlic!



  1. Peeled loofah (do not go too thick, only gently scrape off a thin layer of skin on the surface), cut into sections; garlic pressed into garlic

  2. Put a little more oil in the wok than the garlic. When it is hot to 20%, put the garlic in the oil, stir the garlic into yellow with a small fire, and let it stand with the oil. Add salt and soy sauce after cooling. Mix well with chicken

  3. Place the loofah in the dish, spread the oiled garlic evenly on the loofah, and put the right amount of scallops on it.

  4. After the steamer is on the gas, put the loofah and steam for 5 minutes.


1. Loofah is easy to cook, so steaming time is not too long 2. Garlic is best treated with glutinous rice, which makes it easier to distribute garlic.

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