Recipe: Garlic scallions

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic scallions


And the shrimp, how reluctant, after the fierce attack of the hot pot hot oil, ran in the red dust rolling, has long been unable to withstand loneliness. At this moment, the ceremony is about to begin. The guests in the restaurant are gathered. I wear a red robe for her, and then wear a garlic lace. The gorgeous Li is sent out, so there is another new bride in the early spring.



  1. Wash the shrimps slightly and cut the shrimps. Use a shallow knife on the back of the shrimps, remove the shrimp line, and wipe them one by one with a kitchen towel.

  2. More garlic is smashed into small granules, and dried shrimps are evenly spread in dry starch.

  3. Pour more oil into the pot. When the heat is 70%, the shrimp wrapped in starch will be fried. When the shrimp is fried into golden brown, it will be fished out. Then all the shrimps will be fried again. This time is shorter, so that the shrimps are inside. More oil is blown out

  4. Take a small bowl, add soy sauce, sugar, salt, chicken powder to juice

  5. Leave a little base oil in the pot, remove the pepper and stir it out, then sauté the chili powder, then add the garlic and stir fry slightly. The fried shrimp is drizzled into the sauce and quickly stir-fried.


There is a viscera inside the shrimp, that is, a black shrimp line. It is not suitable for eating. Use a knife to cut a knife on the back of the shrimp to remove it. Cleaned shrimp should be thoroughly dried to reduce moisture and taste crisper. The second fried shrimp can blow up the oil invading the shrimp and reduce the oil intake. Mixed with garlic, peppery, spicy shrimp, no need to shell the whole edible, is a good dish for the banquet. When you come to the house, it is necessary to do some fish and shrimp to make it solemn. The mother said that this is a practice and a decent person. The cooking process of making seafood dishes is also very formal. The fish and shrimps are delicious on a fresh word. In the morning market in the morning, the fresh shrimps in front of the fishmonger stalls jumped around, packed in plastic bags and went home, making a shred of sound along the way. Therefore, to buy a good shrimp, it is necessary to start a big early, this purchase is for a specific person to buy, the heart is all for a specific person, enough to be serious. Many Buddhists in the family have to eat fast in the designated days. If this day happens to be a guest, it is not good to be slow, so go to the street to buy three clean meats (eyes are not seen, ears are not heard, not killed for themselves). ). The shrimp had to be fresh, and my lovely two squats were chanting words in the market. I whispered the curse of the past, and I always couldn’t help but see it. Therefore, the shrimp is really nothing left, the flowers are normal, after a night, there is no half-faced, like a little woman who is tired of being tired, even if the love is warm and affectionate. There is a kind of suffocation at the entrance of the overnight tea, and the ink used for writing is no longer full and full. These are the faults of “leftovers”, and what are the advantages of “leftovers”? The old rice paper made by the ancient method is the most lining of ink, and it is painted with a piece of old paper that has been preserved for many years. If there is no lining, the ink stick will straighten up, so there is a famous painter who spares no expense to pull the old paper from the Forbidden City. How expensive is it. At the time, the young artists of the following art have risen to play with expired film, and the colors are mysterious and subtle. Unlike the color of the digital machine, there are always unexpected surprises. It is said that this expired film is also expensive and is called “burning film” by film machine enthusiasts. I can't afford to burn. I occasionally use PS to talk to P to comfort. The word "leftover" has been used in recent years, and "leftover men" and "leftover women" have become tired of hearing. As a young woman of the 80s, I just woke up from the girl's and the girl's own role. In the blink of an eye, I saw the little Baby in the neighboring table, and my mother's light was actually rising in me. There are no shortage of women around her, and the elites of the workplace, the heroes, the devotees, and the tomboys have quickly rushed to marry in the past two years. Let my little heart and glasses be broken and broken several times. Can not help but sigh: hormones are really killing people! And I really admire the people who dare to let the rest of them, their mouths are really sincere, and they are picky enough. I don’t just hear the alternative mate selection criteria of the idealistic aura in one or two friends’ mouths, and I’m not merciful under my mouth: The conditions and the lottery winning odds are quite equal! These words are especially hateful from the man's mouth, so how many good girls are transparent?

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