Recipe: Garlic roasted enoki mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic roasted enoki mushroom



  1. The enoki mushroom is washed and cut into roots and placed in a baking tray covered with tin foil. The oven is preheated at 190 °C.

  2. Prepare a bowl, plan the garlic [to cover the whole mushroom face as a quantity], add cumin powder, pepper, soy sauce, fuel consumption, salt and pepper powder, salt, sweet and spicy sauce, the oil should be a little more. After mixing, spread evenly on the mushroom.

  3. Take it to the oven for 20 minutes. [Each oven is not the same, please adjust your own oven temper to make adjustments. ????


I am very casual about the amount of seasoning, what is used in the family, but I can't think of it with pepper and black pepper or white pepper.

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