Recipe: Garlic red chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic red chives


Garlic stir-fried red leeks, is it a food memory for everyone when they are young? The red soup, the garlic is also dyed red... Pick up a chopstick to the rice, the rice is reddish instantly, how fun it is. Red soup, the nutty look of the total foot ~ For me, garlic red leeks are a good match, plus the egg tarts are clouds... Haha



  1. Sit hot oil, sautéed garlic / garlic / garlic, what do you like?

  2. Pour red leeks

  3. Mix with chopsticks (not so easy to smash the leaves with a spatula)

  4. Add some cold water to be boiled

  5. Flip over and add some salt to taste

  6. Slightly juice


1. Stir-fried red leeks usually put some water, because the leaves are very thin, it is easy to dry the pan when frying, add some water, the leaves are not so easy to burn, and it is easy to be evenly cooked. 2, cooking in the restaurant, more commonly with garlic, the picture is good-looking, after the scent of the whole garlic, half-powder, half crisp and quite fragrant ~

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