Recipe: Garlic radish seedling

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic radish seedling


Radish seedlings contain less calories, more cellulose, and a feeling of fullness after eating, which helps to lose weight. Mustard oil and fine fiber in radish seedlings can promote gastrointestinal motility and help the discharge of waste in the body. In addition, radish seedlings can induce the body to produce interferon itself, increase the body's immunity, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells, which plays an important role in cancer prevention and cancer prevention~~~



  1. Wash the radish seedlings with salt water for 20 minutes and remove the dried water. Garlic chopped

  2. Hot pot, oily, fried with garlic and sautéed

  3. The radish seedlings are quickly fired, the radish seedlings are fried and softened, and the chicken is seasoned.


The hibiscus is good to say, the fire will be fast. In addition, the radish seedling itself has a bitter bitter taste. If you don't like it, you can add some sugar.

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