Recipe: Garlic pork belly

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic pork belly


One day in the grandmother's home cooking, the village people selling meat is very real, but hey, that is the nutrition is too uneven, two large pieces of flowers hanging there, a thin majority, one piece is too fat, originally 俺I want to make braised pork. This is not the case. It seems that I have to go to the supermarket early in the morning to get the lining Peugeot five flowers. In the end, I am very helpless. I cut a small strip every time~~~~ Just eat garlic. Meat~~~ However, the meat that is being beaten is really good. Even the always-chosen grandmother said it is good. It’s really good. It’s not oily and not greasy in your mouth. You can count the most refreshing pork belly in my family. Garlic pork belly (the most refreshing pork belly in summer)



  1. Pork belly cleaned, spare onion, ginger slices

  2. Prepare a pot of water, add onion slices of ginger, a small amount of white wine, an aniseed, a few peppers

  3. Put the pork belly in the pan, cook the meat on the fire, boil over the fire and cook for about 20 minutes.

  4. After the fire is turned off, let the meat cool in the soup until it is warm and not hot. Take out the meat and cut into pieces.

  5. After the garlic is peeled, it is cleaned, and the appropriate amount of salt is added to the stone. The garlic cloves are put into the mud.

  6. Add the right amount of very fresh soy sauce, a little sugar and sesame oil, add some spicy chili oil

  7. When you eat, the meat is eaten with garlic, it’s refreshing.


When cooking meat, adding a little white wine to the pot can help you to remove it. The cooked meat is naturally cooled, so don't worry about putting it into the cold water. Everyone knows the truth of thermal expansion and contraction. Some people may suggest that you cut the meat and cut it to be thin, but I think this method is at least not suitable for me. Because the pork belly will harden after cooling, the fat portion will solidify into a lard-like feeling, which is very greasy. The best way is to cut the thin slices as much as possible when the pork is warm, cut it and eat it immediately, taste first, not fat or greasy. When picking garlic, add a little salt, garlic juice is not awkward, when you are simmering, do not stop, the adults will tell you that there will be a weird smell in the middle. When garnishing garlic, add a very delicious or seafood soy sauce. This kind of soy sauce is not so salty, it is slightly sweet, very fresh, no need to add MSG or chicken. Of course, this is only part of a trick. In fact, I bought nearly a pound of meat, basically cooked it, and basically eaten it. I am two grandmothers, and the meat house is not white~~~ Two five flowers, fat and thin, each take the need, maybe silver is very despise I can eat meat, but I want to say that the pork belly is really delicious, especially fat ~~~ Please ignore this unreliable knife, ah haha, an impatient person~~~~~~~~

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