Recipe: Garlic peas

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic peas


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  1. The Dutch beans are cleaned and both ends. Add a little oil and salt to the pot, boil it, and pour in the Dutch cardamom for 30 seconds. It’s not too crispy to cook for too long, just 30 seconds.

  2. Put the garlic, salt, and starch in the small bowl and mix it into the juice.

  3. Heat the non-stick pan, add a little oil, pour in the peas and stir fry quickly, then pour in the simmered fire and stir well.


The Dutch beans are to be tender, and the old ones will have a strong influence on the taste. When you are drowning, don't take too long, or you won't be crisp. Stir-fry after drowning, preserve the original flavor and nutrition of vegetables.

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