Recipe: Garlic peas

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic peas


Stir-fried dishes, to be delicious, I think 80% depends on the freshness of the ingredients themselves. Fresh vegetables are delicious as well.



  1. The Dutch beans are washed and the sides are ribbed.

  2. Peel the garlic and knead it into garlic.

  3. The oil pan is hot, the garlic is sautéed, and the sauté is fragrant.

  4. The Dutch beans are poured in and fried to a slight discoloration.

  5. Dessert and seasoning.


I haven't used MSG for cooking recently. They are all seasoned with soy sauce. Xinhe soy sauce tastes so good (it's really not advertising). It's not obvious, it can be used instead of salt and MSG. To say why. . . I naively believe that MSG is chemically synthesized, soy sauce is good for soy beans, healthy.

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