Recipe: Garlic patties

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic patties


Four or five years ago, there was a time when I made crazy meatballs... I started to be a girl in the same room as the wind. Later, I made a special smell, and I never missed it. I did it again and again until the boys in the same room saw the meatballs. People went to eat, but they didn't try this smell again. Yesterday, I made the patties that I wanted to get, but I hit the taste buds in my memory~~The kitchen, there was always a surprise inadvertently :)



  1. Cut mushrooms, mustard, onions and ginger;

  2. Add salt, soy sauce, cooking oil, sesame oil, chicken essence to the meat, and then mix the dish. Add a small amount of water in 2 portions and stir until the meat is in the same direction.

  3. Heat the oil in the pan and fry the meat pie until it is golden on both sides.

  4. After the meatloaf is baked, the garlic is served in the pan and stir-fried.

  5. The starch is mixed with water, and the garlic juice is straight and transparent, and then poured onto the patties.


1) The mustard does not need to be soaked because the amount is small, and the salty taste just penetrates into the meat after dicing. 2) Because there is no flour or starch in the meat, the ingredients must be cut very fine, stir to the mirror, and the patties will not break. The shiitake mushrooms I broke with a meat grinder~ 3) It is not easy to dry when the meat is fried and fried. This time, the layer of oil that has been condensed on the braised duck leg pork bone soup may have played a role in scenting. 4) Why doesn't you put egg whites on the egg yolk? Because the egg yolk is in other dishes...

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