Recipe: Garlic, oyster sauce, green vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic, oyster sauce, green vegetables


Because the summer is over, I want to eat some refreshing dishes, but I want to eat it here, so I made this quick dish. So although fast, there are still some small details that cannot be ignored. If the oyster sauce is not directly fried green vegetables, it will be very kind of green vegetables. When you fry garlic, you must grasp the degree of goodness. If you don't have enough time, you won't be crisp. If you blow it, you will suffer. Because it is added with oyster sauce, it is best to put less salt, because the oyster sauce itself is salty. Stir-fried vegetables with fried garlic oil will make the vegetables absorb the garlic, and the taste will be better.



  1. Prepare all the raw materials and simmer the garlic.

  2. If the pan is hot, pour oil, and rapeseed oil, wait until there is a little bit of garlic under the smoke, fry, fry until the golden color is slightly browned, and remove the garlic.

  3. I stir fry the vegetables under the oil of fried garlic. I have a method here. I usually cook the stems first, and wait until the stems are slightly soft, then add the leaves and stir fry. This will keep the shape of the leaves not so bad.

  4. Add salt, season with a spoonful of oyster sauce

  5. Set the plate and sprinkle with fried garlic

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