Recipe: Garlic open back shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic open back shrimp


This dish was learned from the food program of Phoenix Satellite TV. It is very simple. In addition to cleaning up the shrimp for a long time, the rest of the ten minutes will be done, the children's paper that will open the gas will do ~ and it is very embarrassing to make it~



  1. First pack the shrimps, cut the back, pour the intestines out, wash them, put them in the tray, spare

  2. Pour the oil into the pot. When the heat is five minutes, the garlic is crushed and golden brown.

  3. Put the garlic in the open shrimp back

  4. Put the plate of the shrimp into the boiled steamer and steam for 5-6 minutes.

  5. Another hot pot in the wok

  6. After steaming, take it out, sprinkle a little steamed fish clam sauce, and pour the oil on the shrimp.

  7. When Dangdang ~ ~ aroma spray and smashing the back of the shrimp to do a good job ~ not only delicious, it is also very convenient to eat!


If you want to look good, you can mix some red and green peppers in the garlic. The color will look great~

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