Recipe: Garlic, olive oil, dried chili, shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic, olive oil, dried chili, shrimp



  1. Cut very chopped garlic, but not garlic, just minced garlic

  2. It doesn't matter if you have more olive oil. Open a small fire, slowly burn out the garlic, the original golden olive oil, and finally more golden

  3. Wash the prawns, dry the water, soak in the low-temperature garlic olive oil for 5 minutes, do not overheat, and finally come out is just a good ripeness. Put it in a small bowl, sprinkle the dried parsley, and pour some garlic olive oil on it, just fine.


Pay attention to the need to be patient with the heat, the overheated garlic will focus, it will have a bitter taste.

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