Recipe: Garlic okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic okra


Okra contains the protein, calcium oxalate, pectin and dietary fiber needed by the body. The viscous state of pectin is very rare in the plant kingdom. The proportion of dietary fiber and the proportion of soluble dietary fiber are very high in plants. of. Regular consumption helps digestion, strengthens physical strength, protects the liver, and strengthens the stomach. Okra also contains special medicinal ingredients, which can strengthen kidney and tonic, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on male organic diseases. It is a suitable nutritious and healthy vegetable and enjoys the reputation of “plant Viagra”. Because okra is rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium, it can enhance the body's anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Plus rich in vitamin C and soluble fiber, it not only has a health-care effect on the skin, but also makes the skin white and delicate. Okra can be cold-mixed, hot-fried, fried, stewed, salad, and soup. If it is cold, you should first use water.



  1. Okra was rinsed with water and soaked in salt water for 10 minutes. Remove the dicing into small pieces

  2. After peeling the garlic, don't shoot it, but cut it into small pieces with a knife. This way, the garlic is more intense.

  3. Pour the right amount of corn oil after the pot is hot

  4. After the oil is 60% hot, pour the garlic into the diced

  5. Cook the right amount of rice wine and stir fry for a while

  6. Pour in the right amount of water for two minutes. The okra will secrete the initially sticky liquid when cooking. This will save the water-stained starch. Just put the right amount of salt when you leave the pot.


Today's oil for cooking is corn oil. Corn oil is made from high-quality corn germ and is refined by pressing. It is free of cholesterol and additives. It is rich in linoleic acid and various natural vitamins. 【note】 Okra is a vegetable with a mild taste and coldness. People with gastrointestinal chills, poor function, and frequent diarrhea should not eat more. Do not use copper or iron utensils to cook or hold, otherwise the okra will soon change color. Although it will not harm the human body after discoloration, the taste will be discounted and not beautiful. Okra is smaller and more tender, too old to lose the value of food, only suitable for retention. The length of 5-10 cm is the best choice when you choose the okra to compare with your own middle finger. The length of the average middle finger is 8 cm, which can be used as a reference. When you choose, you can also squeeze it by hand. It doesn't feel hard, and it's a bit tough. Common in the market is green okra, with a little tender yellow!

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