Recipe: Garlic okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic okra


Fresh and fresh, fresh and fresh



  1. Okra washed, cross cut small stars

  2. Garlic shoots into garlic

  3. Hot oil, under the garlic

  4. Add okra, stir fry, add some steamed fish oyster sauce (optional, recommended), salt, stir fry

  5. Add appropriate amount of water, cover the lid and cook for one minute, then open the lid and stir fry until the water is cooked.


1. Okra will produce mucus, so don't cook for too long. When you open the lid and take out the water, you should also pay attention to stir fry, so as not to paste the pot. 2. It is recommended to add some steamed fish oil to increase the umami taste.

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