Recipe: Garlic oil consumption grilled shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic oil consumption grilled shrimp



  1. Shrimp is opened in the back (easy to taste, can be omitted). Remove the dirty things in your head. Garlic chopped.

  2. Cooking wine, sugar, a little salt, ginger, oil, soy sauce, garlic, a small amount of salad oil and marinated with shrimp for several hours.

  3. The baking tray is covered with tin foil, and the shrimps are taken out and placed in a baking tray. Filter the soup in the marinade, remove the ginger, and spread the remaining garlic on the shrimp. Brush the garlic on the garlic.

  4. Put it into the oven for 180 minutes and ten minutes. Let's take a look at the fact that the shrimp in the base is red, so the meat is tender and old.

  5. Finally, just take it out and sprinkle some scallions.


The above picture is the same as the soup mixed with the soup. If the soup is filtered and baked, the garlic will be very fragrant. The garlic is directly spread on the top of the brush and it is convenient. The same can be steamed, steamed to discoloration. Garlic is best fried and more fragrant. It can also be placed directly on the shrimp.

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