Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat


After eating garlic and wheat in a restaurant, I fell in love with it. So, I have tried my best to study a lot of things. I regret that my favorite kitchen didn’t help. I, finally, have a chance to move, duangduangduang, succeeded, and immediately share with you, pay attention to the essentials! ! !



  1. Wash the oil and wheat vegetables and cut into sections. The garlic is crushed with a garlic press. (Requirement 1: The garlic press is very important. The chopped and chopped taste is not crushed by the crusher.)

  2. Heat the clean wok fire (requirement 2: to burn into 10% heat)

  3. Pour the oil into the wok, then pour the garlic into the fry, stir fry for 2 seconds, pour the oily wheat into the dish. (Tour 3: hot pot cold oil and only fry for 2 seconds because it can't make the garlic paste, this is also a lot The place where people make this dish fails, so that the oily wheat will be more crisp and crisp, and it will be crucial in one go.)

  4. Turn off the salt, chicken juice, and the pan (Dragon 4: This dish must not be too salty, otherwise it is very difficult to eat)


The essentials are the most important, this dish must be done in one go, and it will change in 2 seconds.

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