Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat



  1. Freshly cut wheat from the market, clean and cut into sections

  2. Peel the garlic, smash it with a knife, and chop it into garlic.

  3. Put the wok on the fire and pour the right amount of oil to heat it.

  4. Put the garlic in the pot and scent it out (make sure the garlic is not fried to golden brown, so the garlic will be fragrant)

  5. Put the chopped oily wheat stir fry (this process must use a big fire)

  6. Stir the 7 oil wheat vegetables until they are completely green, and put the appropriate amount of salt (the salt must be placed after the oily wheat is fried)

  7. Put a little MSG before the pan, and finally put a proper amount of sesame oil.

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