Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic oil and wheat



  1. Wash the oily wheat vegetables and cut into sections.

  2. Peel the garlic and cut into garlic! The average is divided into 2 parts, spare.

  3. Put the oil in a wok (not too high), add 1 serving of garlic and fry golden brown.

  4. Add the oil wheat vegetables (first lower half, then lower leaves), stir fry. When half-cooked, add seafood soy sauce, sugar, oil, stir fry, add another serving of garlic, turn over evenly, turn off the fire.


1. Seafood soy sauce and fuel consumption, all have salt, no additional salt. 2. Garlic must not be in the pot at the same time, cooked garlic and raw garlic, only layered!

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