Recipe: Garlic mustard

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mustard


The mustard blue bamboo shoots contain cellulose, sugar and other nutrients, which are beneficial to hydrating phlegm, detoxification hurricane, removing evil heat, relieving fatigue, clearing the heart and clearing the eye. It is cooked under the function of [dry pot], which is soft, crisp, sweet and delicious. It is a good meal.



  1. Mustard bamboo shoots peeled, leaves, cut into hobs;

  2. Garlic chopped into garlic;

  3. Put the oil, garlic, chopped main ingredients and other seasonings and water in the pot;

  4. Cover the lid and start the [dry pot] function;

  5. After the cooking is finished, stir the ingredients in the pot to even out.


1. The roots of Chinese kale roots are relatively old, and some are cut down. 2. The mustard blue bamboo shoots are a kind of kale, the roots are thicker, the leaves are thinner, and they are a bit like bamboo shoots, so they are called blue mustard.

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