Recipe: Garlic mussels

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mussels


Weekend leisure, hand-drinking



  1. Wash the mussels and wash the shell under running water.

  2. Ginger shredded, garlic shoot flat cut small pieces

  3. The oil in the pot is hot, and the ginger and garlic are scented.

  4. Pour in the drained mussels. Slightly stir fry

  5. At this time, the mussels will be opened in turn, and they can be seasoned. Pour about 5g of soy sauce first to make the mussels color

  6. Pour in 5g of oyster sauce, stir well, until all the mussels are open and ready to serve.


Tips: 1. When choosing mussels, pay attention to the mussels that close the shell, and the mussels that are combined with the shell after touching. If the hand is touched, the mussels that are still open by the shell are already dead. dish. 2, medium-sized mussels are more delicious, too big and too small to choose. The taste is not good.

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