Recipe: Garlic mushroom stewed chicken heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mushroom stewed chicken heart


A garlic-flavored stew, soup noodles and bread are delicious. If you like a creamy taste, you can add more whipping cream. Anyway, garlic and butter are absolutely good friends.



  1. The heart of the chicken removes the surrounding fat, cut in half, soak the water for half an hour, soak the blood.

  2. A small pot of water is boiled and opened into the heart of the chicken for 2 minutes. Remove the cold water and rinse off the floating foam. Drain the water for later use.

  3. Mouth mushrooms are wiped clean and ready for use. Cut the onion and serve. Garlic cloves are ready for use.

  4. Heat the pot, heat the cast iron pot better, add the butter to melt, add half of the garlic and onion and saute, stir fry until the onion becomes soft and transparent.

  5. Put the mushrooms into a little fry, pour a large spoonful of white wine, and put in a good chicken heart, stir fry evenly.

  6. Add salt and whipped cream. Pour in the broth or warm water, not half of the ingredients.

  7. The fire is boiled and turned to the heat, slowly collecting the juice, often stir fry to avoid sticking. Add the juice to your satisfaction level, add the remaining half of the garlic, stir well, add cheese powder or vanilla crush according to personal preference.


There is no need to add sugar, because the onion heating will produce sugar, and the sweetness of the onion itself will be mixed into the soup, which is very delicious.

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