Recipe: Garlic mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mushroom



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the mushroom into the roots, wash it, and let it go.

    Cut the mushroom into the roots, wash it, and let it go.

  2. Cut the garlic cloves into minced garlic (recommended with garlic pliers), pour the oil into the hot pan, pour the garlic into the oil, stir fry until light yellow, and bring in: steamed fish oil, sea bream oil, cooking wine, salt, Sugar, chicken, a little bit of water (not too much), stir evenly, spare

  3. Place the mushroom on the plate, topped with garlic sauce, wrap the plastic wrap, steam on the pan for 10-15 minutes, and serve.

  4. Sprinkle with chopped green onion mushrooms. Heat the pan, add a little oil, heat to smoke, and pour on the mushroom. You're done


1. Flammulina velutipes will produce water during the steaming process. Therefore, it is not recommended to add too much water during seasoning. At the same time, everyone can also put the soft-scented fans under the mushroom, which can absorb the soup. 2 For the first time, I made a recipe for myself. Everyone laughed. Please give me a lot of advice.

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