Recipe: Garlic mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mushroom



  1. 1. Flammulina velutipes cut the roots and wash them for later use. 2. chop the garlic, boil the pot, put a small amount of oil (must be a small amount, can stir the garlic, stir fry into golden yellow, because the last time you have to heat the oil, not too oil), stir the garlic into gold Yellow, turn off the fire. With the oil at the bottom of the pot, the soy sauce (recommended very fresh) oyster sauce, sugar and salt are all set in the pan and garlic. 3. Spread the seasoning evenly on the prepared Flammulina velutipes and seal the plate with plastic wrap. The purpose of preserving the fresh film is to lock the taste of the dish on the plate. It is also to prevent the steam moisture in the steamer from affecting the taste of the dish, because the mushroom has a large amount of water released during the steaming process. After the cling film is sealed, use a toothpick to put a few eyes on it to prevent high temperature expansion during steaming. If you want to use the plastic wrap, you can use it. 4. Boil the water on the steamer, add the mushroom, steam for 10 minutes, and remove the fire. 5. Sprinkle the onion and pepper rings on the Flammulina velutipes. Heat the oil in the pan and pour over the chopped green onion and pepper rings. Vegetarian food tastes the taste of seafood, it is a good meal, haha, try it out.

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