Recipe: Garlic mixed with bracken

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic mixed with bracken



  1. Wash the bracken and wash it in boiling water.

  2. Remove the cold water, soak for half a day (add some edible alkali), change the water in the middle

  3. Remove and drain the water, cut into pieces and spare

  4. Dilute with salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar and soy sauce, vinegar and a small amount of cold boiled water.

  5. Pour the garlic cloves into minced garlic and fry them into a frying pan

  6. Poach the garlic into the bracken with oil and mix well.


Tips: 1. The bottom of the old bracken should be removed; 2. The bracken after drowning should be soaked for a period of time to remove some muddy taste and bitterness; 3, garlic can be used raw, just add some sesame oil; you can also use this gold garlic, depending on personal preference. When you fry garlic, you must use a small fire. When it is yellow, turn off the fire immediately. My garlic is a little big. 4, the spicy effect of chili oil and pepper oil salad will be better.

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