Recipe: Garlic milk fried chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic milk fried chicken wings


I don't know if anyone like me, when eating garlic bread, not with butter + garlic (+ spices), but with whipping cream + garlic sauce? I have tried many of these two times, but in the end I still prefer the light cream garlic sauce and feel the taste is more fragrant. I took out the chicken wings that day and tangled for a long time in making black pepper or spicy taste. Suddenly I saw the garlic cream sauce left in the garlic bread, and then suddenly I wondered how to use this to marinate the chicken wings. The final result... I want to say that it is delicious to tears~ Don't want to try it!



  1. Garlic puree; onion cut strips; chicken wings cleaned, knifed spare

  2. Mix the sautéed garlic with whipped cream, season with spices (optional), black pepper, salt

  3. Mix chicken wings and onion strips with garlic cream sauce and cover with plastic wrap for one night

  4. The next day, the hot pan directly in the pan and fry until golden on both sides can be pulled. The chicken wings will be oiled so there is no need to put oil again.

  5. After frying the chicken wings, I used a pot of oil and whipped cream to adjust the juice. I poured the whipped cream and salt and heated it to a yellowish color!


I also fry the onions when pickling, I love to eat the ripe onions soft and sweet ~

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