Recipe: Garlic long kidney beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic long kidney beans


It's very simple? It's simple to make simple dishes. It doesn't have any appetite for eating in the summer. It is good to eat more vegetables. This dish is eaten by the boiling fish on the opposite side of the company. It takes a little bit of 28 yuan for a little bit of something. It’s really expensive. In the future, it’s more economical to burn at home. The key is cleanliness. The two days said that the “paper stuffing buns” are fake. Is it true or false? Who knows.



  1. Long kidney beans are washed first before the water. (The water is boiled, the salt is placed in the pot, the oil is roasted, and the kidney beans are roasted)

  2. Put the oil in the pan, stir-fry the garlic with garlic. Pour the kidney beans into the water, put the salt, chicken, sugar, stir fry

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