Recipe: Garlic lobster

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic lobster


Temporary shots, so let two pieces of ginger block the lobster's limelight (^-^)



  1. The lobster is washed, the garlic is peeled and chopped, the ginger onion star anise leaves are ready, and the green pepper is cut into pieces.

  2. Add salt to the oil pan, heat it, pour it into the garlic sauce, add a small amount of sugar, and freshen. Put out the spare

  3. Heat the oil pan with salt, add ginger slices, green onion and dried red pepper, then sauté the lobster and stir until the lobster turns red. Add half a bottle of beer, octagonal leaves, salt, soy sauce, sugar and yellow pepper, add water. Drowning lobsters. The fire is boiled and boiled.

  4. Add 2/3 of the soup to the garlic and mix well, continue to receive the soup. When left 1/3, put the onion and green pepper, turn off the fire.


1. Put only half a bottle of beer, which can remind the lobster to be delicious, not to taste beer, and half a bottle of beer. 2, yellow pepper is because my home dried red pepper is not spicy, but a small amount, too hot to cover the garlic lobster should have the delicious, slightly spicy most delicious. 3, the taste of lobster soup must be heavy enough, so that lobsters can be tasted, so after the release of water, everyone should try it. 4, the last green onion section of the green pepper to make the color more attractive, and green pepper can be eaten.

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