Recipe: Garlic ham, arctic shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic ham, arctic shrimp



  1. Wild Arctic Shrimp Naturally Thawed with Salt, Pepper, White Wine, Thyme Pickles

  2. Winter bamboo shoots, ham diced, garlic mince, chives, minced, red pepper

  3. The oil in the pot will be fried in half of the minced garlic, and the other half of the minced garlic is added with salt, chicken essence and even with the Arctic shrimp, winter bamboo shoots, ham, red pepper and mix well on the steamer for 5 minutes.


Wild Arctic Shrimp: Wild Arctic Shrimp, the scientific name of the northern long-shrimp (Pandaius borealis), also known as cold water shrimp, Arctic sweet shrimp. Mainly produced in the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, all wild shrimp. The main fishing countries are Canada, Greenland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway. Captured from the cold and pure Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, 100% pure wild. Growing in the deep sea of ​​150 meters. After one or two hours of catching the water, the whole shell is cooked on the boat and quickly frozen at -30 degrees. The packaging and refrigerating transportation process is well controlled. There is no secondary pollution and it can be eaten after thawing. The growth in pure seawater is absolutely pollution-free and does not depend on parasites. Growing in cold sea water for 3 to 8 years, the growth is slow, the individual is compact, the meat is tight, and the essence is contained. Rich in high quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron and zinc. The unique taste of fresh and salty tastes endless. The Arctic Shrimp with seeds in the spawning season is more nutritious and tastes great.

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