Recipe: Garlic grilled chicken chop

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic grilled chicken chop


The Yangyang classmates of the splendid family especially like to eat chicken cockroaches. Every time they make chicken at home, they will find chickens and eat them after serving at the table. Splendid and husband are also very terraces, but there is only one chicken in a chicken. It is not so. You can only buy more chickens to satisfy the stomach of this family of three. This is not the case for a three-day holiday. Yangyang and his classmates are going to go. Play in the park, name it to make her chicken, and bring it to the park. There are no homework for the three days of the holiday. It seems that I have to go to the park to go crazy! Just at home, there is COOK100 baking material, and I have made a roast chicken. I thought, these days are not very warm, just eating chicken is not good! In spring, when it is a long body, I will give a tomato egg soup and put it in a heat preservation lunch box. The people packed themselves, and the fart was dripping away. Come back and tell the story, the classmates said that they are delicious, so that they have time to do more of the tomato and egg soup, and listen to the splendid decomposition of the chicken.



  1. COOK100 Garlic Sausage

  2. Chicken chop is rinsed with running water

  3. Put the chicken chop on the knife to make the sauce taste better.

  4. Put COOK100 garlic into the barbecue and pour the chicken into the mix.

  5. Let the refrigerator taste overnight

  6. Take out the baking tray, preheat the oven to 150 degrees, and bake for 20 minutes.

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