Recipe: Garlic greens

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic greens


The green vegetables in this way are really delicious. My family loves to eat, sweet and nutritious, and is super simple. . . .



  1. First clean the vegetables, it is best to soak the rice for ten minutes, no, no matter how much, wash twice more, remember not to separate the leaves and vegetables of the vegetables, it is necessary to make a whole sweet. . .

  2. Garlic chopped into garlic, take a small bowl and mix salt / oyster sauce / chicken / soy sauce / raw flour / garlic and put aside.

  3. The boiled water is opened and the vegetables are put down. After rolling for five minutes, the dish is picked up. (Every time you buy the vegetables, the size is different. According to your own judgment, the vegetables are cooked.) You can't have water on the dishes. . .

  4. Another wok is dried and then refueled. Put a spoonful of soup that has just been boiled, then put the seasonings on. After turning off, turn off the heat and pour the seasoning on the vegetables. If you feel no gloss, you can Top with the rolled oil. .


When the seasoning is cooked in the pot, remember not to leave it. Stir it clockwise, otherwise it will taste bad. . .

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