Recipe: Garlic fried with dried fragrant

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried with dried fragrant


This is the day before, I went to the mountain with some of my classmates. After climbing the mountain, I bought vegetables and went to the nearest classmate to cook. Everyone discussed and said that everyone made a dish that they had their own hands, so I made this garlic and dried it. In fact, I still want to make a hot and sour vegetable moss! Haha, I am so greedy. When everyone eats, it is good to say that this dish is very tender and delicious. Later, this dish was also gloriously wiped out!



  1. Garlic, washed, cut off;

  2. Dry clean, cut into strips;

  3. Pour the oil into the pot, add the bacon, fry until the bacon is oiled, and smell the fragrant bacon;

  4. Add the right amount of salt, then add the onion and ginger until the flavor is fried;

  5. Add garlic at this time and fry until it becomes soft;

  6. Then add the fragrant dried fry;

  7. Add the bean paste, stir well and then pan out;


If you want to be lighter, you can add no bean paste. In addition, if you don't like ginger and onions, you can pick up the ginger and green onions after the scent comes out.

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