Recipe: Garlic fried water spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried water spinach



  1. The spinach picks up the old stems and yellow leaves, and the rest is picked into small pieces. The stems are placed together with the stems, and the leaves are placed together with the leaves. Soaked separately

  2. Garlic chopped

  3. Heat the pan on fire, pour in an appropriate amount of oil and add the garlic to the scent

  4. First add the spinach of the spinach and stir fry until slightly soft.

  5. Add the leaves and stir-fry.

  6. Add salt, MSG seasoning, stir-fry evenly, you can turn off the fire.


1, the day before yesterday to go to the market to buy food, met the mother of the classmates in Wenwen Primary School. I wanted to buy some green vegetables. She told me that the current spinach is delicious. I tried to buy a bit, and it was delicious when it was fried. There is no flavor. 2, I have never bought a spinach, this is the first time I bought a spinach to eat, always staring at a few familiar dishes, such as potatoes, vegetables, cucumber, eggplant, Missy, edamame and so on. In the future, it seems that any dish should try to eat and eat, because each dish has different nutrients, and it is good to eat a variety of dishes. 3, the process of frying does not add water, no cover, as long as the speculation is soft, it is almost OK.

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