Recipe: Garlic fried salmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried salmon


The full name of this dish is actually: garlic fried salmon, black pepper, mashed potatoes, fragrant roasted mushrooms, spores, cabbage! It’s getting taller... I must use the freshest salmon, and say that eating more salmon will be smart because There are Omega 3...



  1. First treat the potatoes, wash and diced, steamed, add a little milk into the cooking machine to make mashed potatoes, add a little bit of milk, see the situation to adjust the dry humidity! Add a little sea salt and black peppercorns and mix well.

  2. The oven is preheated to 200 degrees. Spore cabbage and mushrooms are washed and cut into cubes, add a few spoonfuls of olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and herbs, and mix in the oven for 15 minutes.

  3. Start processing salmon when roasting vegetables. After washing, use kitchen paper to dry the water, you can cut into small pieces, so that it is better to fry.

  4. Add a piece of garlic butter to the pan. If not, butter the garlic grain directly. After the hot pot, add the salmon, turn the simmered salmon, and fry the side. If you like it, you can fry it for a while. Like I like to eat crunchy skin, fry until the surface is browned.

  5. Finally, set the plate to eat ~ ~ this time to buy the Lanweile salmon, New Zealand air transport, meat tender and do not want!

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