Recipe: Garlic fried pork with pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried pork with pork


The long National Day holiday is over, and life has returned to normal orbit, so you have to do it. The days passed away as the leaves gradually became smudged and yellowed, and day after day monotony, the attitude towards life became such a monotonous adjustment. Music, writing, sports, shopping, cooking or other hobbies, in short, choose a kind of your own preferences, to adjust the color of your life, even if the occasional little temperament once does not matter, happy is good. It's like a sentence - don't forget the shape, lose your grievances, treat people with time, treat yourself with the right time. If we do it, can the days be simpler, more interesting, and more hopeful?



  1. Wash the meat, cut into filaments, and mix well with water starch and salt.

  2. Pick the old stems from the garlic moss, wash and cut into 3 cm long sections.

  3. Heat the oil to 70% heat, add dried pepper and saute

  4. Put the pork, stir-fry, and remove the spare

  5. Put a little oil in the pot, pour the garlic, stir fry until soft

  6. Add the shredded pork, add the watercress, stir fry with the garlic, and serve the pan.


The material of the fried pork is better in the taste of the loin; it is not suitable for the soy sauce. The fried pork is simple and delicious, and it is suitable for the novice MM who made it after 80s and 90s.

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