Recipe: Garlic fried pig large intestine

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried pig large intestine


Garlic fried pig large intestine, this dish has always been accompanied by the time we passed through childhood~ Mother always changed the pattern to us to make pig big intestine, tofu, pig intestine, bean sprouts fried pork intestine, garlic fried pork intestine... ... At that time, the pig's large intestine was always so fragrant~ Now I will buy it back occasionally. The most common thing to eat is to fry with garlic. Maybe it is because I like the smell of garlic leaves.



  1. Wash the impurities on the surface of the pig's large intestine with salt and starch, and wash it several times.

  2. After boiling the water, pour the pig's large intestine for two minutes and wash it with cold water.

  3. Cut along the side of the intestine wall of the pig's large intestine, do not cut it in half. After cleaning the fat oil inside, clean the meat with the cooking wine several times to remove the odor of the pig intestine.

  4. Cut the washed pig's large intestine into small pieces. Garlic, celery washed and cut into spare.

  5. Hot oil pan, sprinkle ginger, pour into the pig's large intestine, stir fry, add a small spoon of cooking wine, salt, stir fry for a while and then add some oyster sauce, stir-fry the bean paste until the pig's large intestine is golden yellow and then pour into the garlic, if it is too dry Add some water, and finally add the garlic leaves, celery, soy sauce, and stir-fry the oil for one minute.

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