Recipe: Garlic fried milk cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried milk cabbage


Every day, you have to eat a lot of vegetables. Fresh vegetables can be touched by simple methods, and the food itself is so beautiful. The simpler thing is to pay attention to it. If you want to stir the dish to be crispy and not watery, you still need some attention.



  1. Wash the dishes, it is best to let the water control dry for a while. Garlic is a simmer.

  2. Heat the pan to a slight smoke, then add the oil and put half of the garlic.

  3. Be careful not to blacken the garlic, and when it is fragrant, you can enter the milk cabbage.

  4. Don't rush to flip, after a while, because the small milk cabbage is a whole tree, thicker, so you can cover it for 2 minutes.

  5. Then open the lid, stir fry, and see that the dish is a bit transparent but still very crisp, sprinkle salt, Xiao Xusheng pumping and the other half of the garlic, turn the average.

  6. Out of the pot, plate.


This kind of seed is suitable for a variety of dishes, such as spinach / rape / cabbage / chives The pot is hot, and the hand is fast, so the dish won't drop a lot of water. Finally, add some garlic to make the garlic more concentrated.

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