Recipe: Garlic fried bacon (LY)

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried bacon (LY)


Garlic seedlings are young seedlings of garlic seedlings that develop to a certain period of time. They grow in farmland and have the spicy taste of garlic, which is served by its tender garlic leaves and sheaths. Garlic seedlings are rich in vitamin C and nutrients such as protein, carotene, thiamine and riboflavin. Its spicy taste is mainly derived from the spicy substance it contains, which has the effect of eliminating food. In addition, eating garlic can effectively prevent diseases caused by environmental pollution such as influenza and enteritis. Garlic seedlings have a protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, preventing the formation of blood clots and protecting the liver.  —— LY garlic fried bacon



  1. Treated bacon slices, garlic cuts, garlic cuts, ginger shreds

  2. Heat the oil, put the bean paste, spicy sauce and stir-fry the red oil, add the bacon stir-fried

  3. When the bacon is crystal clear, put the garlic into the garlic and stir fry until the garlic is discolored. Sprinkle with salt, MSG, and pan.


Garlic frying point Salt should be put less. The bacon itself is salty.

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