Recipe: Garlic fried bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fried bacon


Bacon is different from ordinary pork. The garlic and fried bacon is a special dish in the hometown. It is delicious! I forgot to take the step chart when I did it, just took the speculation, but the steps are very simple! Remember to read tips 哟



  1. Cut the smoked bacon into a suitable piece and boil it in boiling water for a while. The bacon is then cut into thin, thin slices and placed in a tray for later use.

  2. From the roots, the garlic clams are hand-kneaded into small pieces of equal length, which is about the same as the bacon slices.

  3. Wash the red peppers apart and remove the pepper seeds and white ribs to avoid affecting the taste. Cut into silk of the same length as garlic.

  4. Heat the pan, pour a small amount of oil and pour the bacon into the low heat stir fry until the fat portion becomes transparent and pour out the oil to reduce the greasy feel.

  5. Pour in the garlic and bacon and stir fry. At this time, choose the salt according to the saltiness of your bacon. If the bacon itself is very salty, you don't need to add salt. If it is not salty, you can add a small amount of salt to make the garlic taste.

  6. Finally, pour in a few red peppers and stir fry a few times.


1. The bacon smoked at home must be cooked first. On the one hand, it removes the dirty things. On the other hand, it will not be so salty after boiling, and it is better to soften it. 2. Garlic picks are remembered to be tenderer. You can use your hand to pick it up when you buy it. When picking garlic, you can alternately cut off from both sides and tear off the older skin. 3. Garlic must be fried quickly, keep fresh, red pepper is finally placed for the sake of bright colors

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