Recipe: Garlic fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fish


Garlic fish! It has been popular in Xuzhou for several years. It is the main dish of many home-style small restaurants. Other restaurants simply ‘XX Garlic fish is the name of the store! Let's eat it outside, the first dish is it! Fish white and tender Very primitive, but a little bit of astringency Paired with garlic juice that is scented with pepper and pepper oil The delicious and delicious taste is always awesome! In fact, there are also places in the garlic fish, and there are various tricks. Xuzhou version of the garlic fish is super delicious but simple! Remember that these 3 steps can be easily done: fresh squid packed and put in the water for 5 minutes~~ Spoon the sauce on the plate and chop the garlic~~ Then splash the hot oil fried with chili pepper, served on the table~



  1. When the squid is bought, let the seller help to clean the scales, internal organs, sputum, take it home, remove the black film and all the internal organs in the fish belly, and then rinse it again and again.

  2. Go to the tendon, cut a knife across the back of the fish under the head of the fish, and then cut a knife across the fishtail. You will see a small white spot in the fish on the cross section. Stay at that little white point, and slowly pull out the white ribs. You can also pat the fish back with the knife back while you are licking, which will make it easier to pull out. There are tendons on both sides of the fish, and it is the key to the fish not being awake.

  3. Finally, the fish body is evenly spread on both sides, which is convenient for cooking and easy to taste.

  4. Put the squid in the pot, add the water that has not passed the fish, and put a few slices of ginger, so that you can add more fresh

  5. After the fire is boiled, cook for another 5 minutes to turn off the fire (I cook for 8 minutes for a pound of fish, the time is a bit long)

  6. When cooking the fish, you can prepare the ingredients, cut the garlic petals into finely divided grains, and cut the dried peppers into strips.

  7. Transfer the cooked squid completely to the plate, then pour the juice with salt, cooking wine, sugar, rice vinegar, seafood sauce

  8. Sprinkle a layer of garlic on top and evenly

  9. Pour a little more oil into the pot, add the pepper and dry chili to the sauté

  10. The pepper to be fried turns dark red, letting the spicy and peppery scent release

  11. Then hot, light and fast splashing on the fish


1. It is best to cook the fish and then put the fish in, then it will look better after cooking. Do garlic and fish, it’s better to cook it than steam. Fish is also more hydrated 2. No seafood soy sauce, use a small amount of soy sauce and oyster sauce instead. 3. The fish can be cooked for up to 5 minutes. The time is long and the fish is blooming, and the freshness is also reduced. 4. The chopped pepper pepper oil should be carefully poured on the garlic, do not drench, a large area of ​​instant heat can burn the garlic cloves 5. The best fish to eat garlic is the squid.

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